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Home Watchers Etc., will create a custom program for you, based on your needs and required services.

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Home Watching     Personal Assistance

Home Watchers Etc. is fully licensed and bonded. Our home watching services reduce the opportunity for theft and give you peace of mind, knowing that your home and property are being cared for while you are away. All contracts with clients are confidential and clients will receive a report and service log when they return.


Home Watching Services                                                           

Starting at $30 per visit

  • Check exterior perimeter of house

  • Check for visible water leaks

  • Check security of all windows & doors

  • Check for weather damage (snow, storms, hurricanes etc.)

  • Turn on different lights in the house

  • Move car/start automobile

  • Opening/closing of blinds and draperies

  • Collect & sort mail/papers & forward if needed

  • Mail bills/cards on certain day

  • Check answering machine and forward messages if needed

  • Take out trash/collect trash bins from street

  • Water inside plants

  • Cats & aquariums only (no dogs) – will feed and change litter box for cats


Hectic week? Not enough time in the day? Let Home Watchers Etc. help with one or more of our many personal assistance services.


Personal Assistance Services                                     

$25 per hour minimum/$0.20 per mile

  • Water outside plants & feed birds

  • Take and return car to dealership for inspection/servicing

  • Pick up dry cleaning & prescriptions 

  • Grocery shopping

  • Return merchandise to stores

  • Gift wrapping, packing & shipping

  • Pick up pet from boarder and have at your home upon your return

Waiting Services                                     

$20 per hour

  • Supervise repair persons, house cleaners or workmen

  • House sit during weddings (or other special occasions) to secure property 

Do not see a specific service listed? Just ask!